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Your Psalms & Stretches email address

Each instructor is given an email address ""

Email Account

Our email system is hosted by stackmail


For easy access on your device, you just need to your mailbox add it as an account to the mail app you use on your device, ie. Apple Mail, Outlook app, Mail app on android etc. Example instructions for doing this on the default Mail app on a Samsung device are linked below. 

Alternative: If you want to access your mailbox online through a web browser go to:

Username: your P&S email address

Password: your P&S password you get from us

Pros: Compartmentalism! Allows you to keep it all separate, and of course any email you send will come from that address.

Cons: Some additional set up is required your end. Each Mail app may potentially be slightly different, so the steps taken could vary from instructions. If yours is different from our example (i.e if you use Apple Mail) please see the "generic set up information" in the green box below - that should have everything you need and it's just a question of entering the right bit in the right place!

What you need to do:

1. Add your P&S account to whatever mail app you currently use, using the information below.

What you need from us:

1. Your password - this is something we set up our end before you start- so do request it from us.

2. This instruction sheet HERE for the step-by-step example using Mail app on Samsunge device. Or see generic information as a guide in the green bubble below, if your mail app is different.

Generic information for setting up your P&S email account in your mail app:

An example for adding an account to the default Mail app on phone is detailed HERE

  • Open your mail app...

  • "Add Acount" - often found in Settings.

  • This account needs to be added as an "IMAP" acount (sometimes under "other")

  • Put your P&S address in "" - this is your username for anywhere you'll need to enter a "username".

  • You may be asked for your password at this point too - this is your password for anywhere you'll need to enter a password. Remember - your password is something you'll get from us when we set it up our end. You can specifiy what you'd like it to be - just let us know. 

  • Tap save/tick/enter - however it completes and that should be you all set up!

    Trouble shooting: If it doesnt automatically configure you may need these additional settings:

  • Incoming server:  -  Port 993

  • If "Encryption method" is an option SSL/TLS should be selected

  • If "require SPA (Secure Password Authentication)" is an option this should not be ticked

  • Outgoing server: - Port 465

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