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Our next training course will take place in January 2022



Instructor Training

Psalms & Stretches is an exercise programme like no other: mobility and strength exercises, wonderful stretches and our signature moving meditations - "Psalm Sequences" - which are choreographed movement sequences set to the words of scripture. And it all comes pre-planned with a manual, a catalogue of lesson plans and 99 video clips of all the exercises! Helping you deliver a tried and tested class, where you can focus on holding the space for people to encounter God. (That sound's like a big responsbility, but we ask the Holy Spirit help us!). Because our class is more than just a bit of exercise and movement - it's what God does with our humble skills that's the exciting part. We are Christians who believe our wellbeing starts with our relationship with God, so we put Him at the centre of our programme. ⁠

I absolutely love Psalms & Stretches classes; the time spent stretching and meditating on scripture has become a pivotal point in my week, allowing me to take some mental time and space to reconnect spiritually, emotionally and physically. - Julie, The Bear Church.



Psalms & Stretches is a powerful tool for ministry, it's innovative outreach, an alternative way to worship, and a way to nurture and minister to the wellbeing needs of the church in a practical and creative way. Are you interested in bringing Psalms & Stretches to your church or community?


How can I try out a class?

We would love you to try out a class!  Our instructor directory can be found here where you'll see a map of what's currently running.


If there isn't a class near you, why not try an online class?


Alternatively, we can send you a full 45min video class, free, to do at your convenience - Click here.


It's important to us that P&S is accessible to everyone. On our video page you can find a modified class that is designed for those who have mobility challenges and uses a chair instead of exercise mat. Please contact your individual instructor to find out if they can offer chair-based classes in your area.

Psalms & Stretches class

Who can become a P&S instructor?

Our vision is for Psalms & Stretches classes to be available to people all around the country (and we've made a start!).


There will be some amazing instructors out there, who have the gifts and talents from God needed to facilitate Psalms & Stretches classes - and we can't wait to meet more of you! We're looking for Christians who already have movement teaching experience in fitness or in dance, who are ready to bring their existing skills to our programme and use Psalms & Stretches as a vehicle to worship God and minister to others. 

If you come from a fitness background, then any Level 2 or above fitness qualification is accepted. If you come from a dance background then please tell us about your dance training and your teaching experience.

Full details can be found here:


Would you like a bespoke class at your event or church in future? Just get in touch, we'd love to chat about our event classes (we've done conferences, camping trips, retreats...) Click to Contact us.