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When you've completed your assessment and are ready to go, we will provide your very own P&S email address! This will usually be your first name, with perhaps an initial if needed, and we'll set up a temporary password that you can change later.


Once you have these you are ready to set up your account on your device! See below for instructions for setting up your email account on a mail app.

You can also access your mail directly at if you prefer to access email via an internet broswer, and this is the easiest method for changing any account settings like your password, or two add an auto-reply or signature. It's also the best way if you're more of a "laptop-person" when it comes to doing your admin.

Trouble shooting? See the bottom of this page for some further info. Stackmail is our webmail provider and it uses the Roundcube webmail application - these are generic programs that are easy to Google if you need to, for example typing in "how do I add an automatic reply to roundcube webmail?" and you will find the answer! Please do have a Google yourself ahead of contacting us for support, we are of course happy to help if anyone is really stuck! 

Adding your P&S email account to your Mail App
This is an example using the default Mail app on a Samsung phone.
Add email account Step 1.jpg

1. Open your Mail app and select settings

2. Select "Add Acount"

3. Select "Other"

4. Enter YOUR P&S email address and password.

If "sign in" is available, try it!

5. If "Manual set up" is your available option, select. Both may prompted this next menu. Select "IMAP account"

Add email account Step 2.jpg

6. Incoming server details - these may even auto-fill, so check and amend to what is shown below if need be.

7. Outgoing server details - these may even auto-fill, so check and amend to what is shown below if need be.

Add email account Step 3and4.jpg

8. Fill in email address (username) and password again and click "Sign in"...

9. Wait for it...

10. Ta-da! 

Add email account Step 5.jpg

General information for setting up your P&S email account in your mail app:

  • Open your mail app...

  • "Add Acount" - often found in Settings.

  • This account needs to be added as an "IMAP" acount (sometimes under "other")

  • Put your P&S address in "" - your email is your username for anywhere you need to enter a "username".

  • You may be asked for your password at this point too - this is your password for anywhere you'll need to enter a password. Your password is something you'll get from us when we set it up our end, but you can change it when you access your mail via

  • Tap save/tick/enter - however it completes and that should be you all set up!

    Trouble shooting: If it doesnt automatically configure you may need these additional settings:

  • Incoming server:  -  Port 993

  • If "Encryption method" is an option SSL/TLS should be selected

  • If "require SPA (Secure Password Authentication)" is an option this should not be ticked

  • Outgoing server: - Port 465

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