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Where Wellbeing meets Worship

Would you like to nourish your body and your soul?

God wants more for us. Living with stress, anxiety and disconnection is not part of His plan.


We know that physical and mental wellbeing are intrinsically connected. But there's a missing part - it's our spiritual wellness that is the cornerstone of our wellbeing.  And God has given us the tools we need...

 The living Word of God
The Holy Spirit 
A body designed to move!

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Christian Television Network 

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Our classes, which combine movement and Psalms,

offer a refreshing perspective on mindfulness-based exercise. 

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"...nothing but joy to me!" 

Nina Wadia interviews P&S Founder Ruth
on BBC1's Sunday Morning Live

Forest Trees

Psalms & Stretches
at your church 

Be Inspired

Westwood Christian Retreat Centre

The Wellspring Retreat Centre

HTB Focus '23

The Bear Church

St John's Hampton Wick

Spring Harvest France '23

Meet The Team


Hello! We are Emma and Ruth, and together we run Psalms & Stretches.


Ruth, who founded P&S in 2016, is a Pilates and Fitness Instructor with a heart for Jesus but a head that wouldn't remember bible verses! Emma Wilson, is a Dance Specialist who knows just how powerful combining physical exercise and meditating on scripture is for our wellbeing.

Read our article in The Feed Magazine.

But it's not just us! Through our instructor training program we have a whole network of instructors - who can't wait to share Psalms & Stretches with you! 

Emma Wilson & Ruth Carpenter 

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