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Psalms & Stretches is the perfect class for any event. Our program combines faith and fitness, making it suitable for retreats, leadership days, and schools. With our wide application, anyone can benefit from our classes.


Psalms & Stretches is the perfect exercise class to add to your retreat. Our unique blend of physical exercise and meditation on scripture is designed to help you connect with body, mind and spirit. Gain a new perspective on movement and worship. Challenge yourself. Relax deeply in a nourishing, safe space. Whatever style your retreat is, let us help you make it all the more meaningful.  

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The Bear Church Womens Weekend Away

Leaderships days

Did you know Psalms & Stretches can be done even without much space? We can adapt class to suit your specification, whether that be a living room, or meeting room, or if people are wearing normal clothes and don't want to get sweaty! Psalms & Stretches is an excellent way to worship and focus on scripture, and what better place to start off a training day or team meeting. 


Trinity Vineyard Greenwich, Leadership Day 


" Psalms & Stretches is an invaluable approach to enabling students to learn about and practice mindfulness and spiritual growth through active movement. Having practiced this approach myself through both online and face to face sessions, I can testify to the noticeable emotional and physical benefits. The approach is accessible to all levels and ages. Psalms & Stretches is particularly valuable to schools with an active Christian faith focus. Students of all ages are able to incorporate their Christian journey with a contemplative activity that will give them a sense of peace, improve their focus skills and increase a sense of wellness. This initiative has a wide range of useful applications for student and staff wellbeing. It is a useful tool for sound mental health for all members of a school community."



School checklist

  • Faith-based physical activity.

  • Supporting both Christian Religious Education and individual spiritual growth.

  • Supports wellbeing and mental health.

  • Exercise develops self-confidence and body confidence.

  • Encourages motor skills, muscular strength, co-ordination and memory; learning a physical routine and a bible verse simultaneously.

  • Synchronised group activity promotes community and team work.

  • Beneficial for teachers as well as students - staff classes also available.

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