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  • My Rock My Refuge (A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms) by Timothy Keller [2015]
    ISBN 978-1-473-61422-2

  • Bible Delight (Psalm 119 for the Bible teacher and Bible hearer) by Christopher Ash [2008]
    ISBN 978-1-84550-360-4

  • Encountering the Book of Psalms by C. Hassell Bullock [2001]
    ISBN 798-0-8010-2795-6

  • .... Let us know your reading recommendations! Please supply in the above format, emailing to with "Book Recommendation" as the subject heading - thank you!

Book Recommendations

Music Recommendations

  • Alder Music: Psalms & Stretches Vol.1 
    (License free)
    See download on the previous menu.

  • Bethel Music (PPL License needed) various albums:
    * Without Words (2013)
    * Without Words : Synesthesia (2015)
    * Without Words : Genesis (2019)

  • Sunita Staneslow: Reflections on the Psalms (2012)
    This is Sara Hunter’s Auntie’s album of harp music – she has given her permission for it to be used in P&S classes if you would like to purchase her album. Therefore no license needed. Thank you!

  • Rivers & Robots: Still, Volume 1. (2017)
    (PPL License needed)
    Instrumental worship - has some more upbeat tracks, so do listen and choose which tracks will suit the ambience of your class. Recommended by Robyn Peters – thank you.

  • .... Let us know your music recommendations!
    Please supply in the above format (noting if PPL license needed or if we have permission), and email your suggestions to with "Music Recommendation" as the subject heading - thank you!

We recommend using instrumental music for the following reasons:

* To be accessible to those who aren't Christians.
* To avoid class being "cheesy"...
* To give more space for thinking and meditating on the Psalm.
* To not distract from the instructions you are giving.
If you want to use the odd song with words, especially during reflection/relaxation time then this can be at your discretion, but it is not our recommendation to use music with words throughout.

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