• My Rock My Refuge (A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms) by Timothy Keller [2015]
    ISBN 978-1-473-61422-2

  • Bible Delight (Psalm 119 for the Bible teacher and Bible hearer) by Christopher Ash [2008]
    ISBN 978-1-84550-360-4

  • Encountering the Book of Psalms by C. Hassell Bullock [2001]
    ISBN 798-0-8010-2795-6

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Book Recommendations

Music Recommendations

  • Alder Music: Psalms & Stretches Vol.1 
    (License free)
    See download on the previous menu.

  • Bethel Music (PPL License needed) various albums:
    * Without Words (2013)
    * Without Words : Synesthesia (2015)
    * Without Words : Genesis (2019)

  • Sunita Staneslow: Reflections on the Psalms (2012)
    This is Sara Hunter’s Auntie’s album of harp music – she has given her permission for it to be used in P&S classes if you would like to purchase her album. Therefore no license needed. Thank you!

  • Rivers & Robots: Still, Volume 1. (2017)
    (PPL License needed)
    Instrumental worship - has some more upbeat tracks, so do listen and choose which tracks will suit the ambience of your class. Recommended by Robyn Peters – thank you.

  • .... Let us know your music recommendations!
    Please supply in the above format (noting if PPL license needed or if we have permission), and email your suggestions to info@psalmsandstretchec.com with "Music Recommendation" as the subject heading - thank you!

We recommend using instrumental music for the following reasons:

* To be accessible to those who aren't Christians.
* To avoid class being "cheesy"...
* To give more space for thinking and meditating on the Psalm.
* To not distract from the instructions you are giving.
If you want to use the odd song with words, especially during reflection/relaxation time then this can be at your discretion, but it is not our recommendation to use music with words throughout.