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Advertising your class

1. Please always use our name - "Psalms & Stretches” - and use the "&" every time you can.

The character "&" doesn't work with #hashtags or email addresses, but wherever we can do it please do. Psalms & Stretches is our name, so we want to mark it as a proper noun, not a shopping list of things!

(think: Marks & Spencer or H&M...)


We want to establish a brand people know and trust, so the more we all use our name the easier that will be. Often people or churches might think they're helping by calling it something they think will be more easily understood, but our class isn't "Prayer and Pilates", or Christian yoga, or a meditational stretch class - it's Psalms & Stretches. If we consistently use our name others will eventually learn it and accept the description – after all, we think it’s pretty much what it says on the tin!

2. Writing a class description, advertising "blurb" or describing our class to newcomers:
This should be our tip-of-the-tongue, in-a-nutshell description:


“Psalms & Stretches is a gentle exercise class combining movement with meditation on scripture from the Psalms."

Here's a PDF you can download that has a longer description you can save ready for copying/pasting where you need. A little tweak here and there is fine to use your own voice, but generally speaking we want to all be describing the class in the same way.             >Class Description<

3. Designing marketing material

Anything we’ve put out there online you can use – words, pictures, video - from our website or social media, feel free to use. Here are a couple of templates you might find useful, click >here< to download a folder containing the images below.


Blue Shellstretch Logo with space for de
White Square Crosslegs
Turquoise White Banner Logo
Blue Shellstretch with example details
Ruth Video screen shot front cover
Blue Banner LungeBack
Green Group class Banner no Logo
White Banner Shellstretch

If making your own please consider:

  • Our brand aesthetic: colours are greens/blues/greys; would it look at home on our website or Instagram account?

  • Please include our logo, which you can download >here<

  • If using stock images please avoid generic yoga poses; is that a move we'd actually use in class? To help with our brand identity we want to avoid images that resonate too closely with other classes (...even if they are moves we might do! Be aware of the connotations images can have, what would we like our first impressions to be?).

If you are downloading the templates provided there are many options for how to edit - from simply adding text via Instagram stories for example, or using a separate program like, which is web-hosted and free (this is what we use!).

Here is a great example of Instructor Sara Hunter's class promo video that she edited together using clips from our videos and her own footage of her introducing her class: > St. John's Hoxton Psalms & Stretches <. Utilising her existing teaching experience, Sara is also leading chair-based Psalms & Stretches sessions at her church, so she chose a video clip from our Seated & Standing example class (on youtube) to give her church members a chance to see what they might expect from her classes. She used moments of music from our existing video to link bits together, featured both her church logo and her P&S logo, wore her branded t-shirt and gave the contact details/booking info clearly - all within a concise video of a little over two minutes! Do take a look for inspiration if a promo video is something you or your church have the skills-base to do. You can find free, basic video-editing software online for every device.

If you'd like a professional service, do contact my husband, Josh, directly to enquire about his rates and services, he has done all our filming and video editing for Psalms & Stretches: |

4. Social media and online presence


  • If you would like to set up a social media account that includes our name please check first.
    For example "@PsalmsStretchesWales" - as you might not be the only P&S Instructor in Wales! So please chat to us first and suggest something that will be unique to you or your church.

  • Similarly, with other accounts or booking systems where you're using the words Psalms & Stretches please make it personal to you, including your name, as there are several instructors on the P&S team all working independently.

  • Please don’t share whole videos of classes or Psalm Sequences online publicly – you have paid for this content (and it’s taken years to develop too!) – it is for you to bless your classes in real time. We have a couple of videos available on our website that give examples of classes so that people know what to expect. A little clip of you teaching is fine for your promotional material, but we as we all teach the same programme please do not pre-record classes and make them publically available.

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