Our next training course will take place online

8 hours over two mornings Fri & Sat
Dates TBC late Oct /early Nov

Instructor Training

Our vision is for Psalms & Stretches classes to be available to people all around the country, for it to be used as ministry, as outreach, as a creative way to worship, as much needed time for wellbeing, as a means to both get us moving and to find rest in the stillness... It's a big vision! But we know there will be some amazing people out there, who have the gifts from God needed to facilitate Psalms & Stretches classes in their own community or in partnership with their church. We've seen first hand what a difference a class like this can make to our lives, for both the instructor and the participants!

Who can become a P&S instructor?

The Psalms & Stretches instructor training course is open to Christian fitness instructors or dance teachers who already have experience teaching, hold a Level 2 or above fitness qualification or a higher education/ vocation dance training equivalent.

Not sure if you'd meet the criteria? Do get in touch and tell us about your experience. Interested but never done anything like this before?! We'll happily point you in the right direction to getting an exercise teaching qualification under your belt first - this could be the start of a whole new journey for you!

Why do I already need to have experience?

Our training course is a one-day CPD course, so we have entry requirements to ensure the class is being delivered to a professional standard by individuals who are already qualified to teach. Once trained in our class format we then supply our prepared resources; with ready-made lesson plans and support network, Psalms & Stretches aims to be a blessing to instructors too!

Can I try it first?

We would love you to try out a class!  Our classes are now online until further notice, you're welcome to join those run by Psalm & Stretches founder Ruth Carpenter, see "online classes" link below.

Tuesday 8am is FREE class.


Alternatively, we can send you a full 45min video class for your convenience Click here.

Would you like a class at your event or church in future? Just get in touch, we'd love to chat about our bespoke classes (we've done conferences, camping trips, retreats...) Click here to Contact us.

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